Project KulturLokschuppen Neumünster

Under the leadership of Jutta & Dr. Thomas Kittel Foundation, the interest group Kulturlokschuppen Neumünster (IKN) has been established since 2019 with the aim of reviving the area of the former Neumünster depot and developing it into an attractive museum railway operation and event site. Against this background, several groups have already settled with their vehicles on the site. The city of Neumünster supports this project, which is currently financed exclusively with private funds.

The 6-stall locomotive shed, the turntable and the existing track systems have already been restored. Previously existing tracks were freshly laid and connected to DB Netz via three new switches. The renovation of the locomotive line is currently underway and will be completed this year. At the same time, we started repair work on the social and workshop building.

After the renovation of the existing facilities, an extension of the engine shed to a size of up to 16 stands, the reconstruction of the former water tower (then in a different function) and the procurement of a historical coaling crane and a sanding system are planned.

A large part of the area is under monument protection, which was ultimately the guarantee for the preservation of the remaining buildings and railway tracks. All planned new buildings and additions were therefore mutually agreed with the lower and upper monument protection authorities.

The entire area should not only become a jewel for the city of Neumünster, but also an attraction for Schleswig-Holstein and the entire north. Neumünster as an old railway town with a total of seven railway lines, an active repair shop and our plans for a cultural locomotive shed Neumünster with railway, museum and cultural activities under one roof is an ideal choice for this.

The central location of the city in Schleswig-Holstein, the physical proximity of the area to the city center, the excellent connection to the train and motorway and the extensive parking areas offer excellent conditions for the development of an attractive tourist attraction.

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